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Do you have a video on your website?

You don’t need a studio, or a crew, or the effects wizardry of George Lucas to create a simple and effective video message.

Here are five steps you can implement today, to help you to create an authentic and great-looking video. Whether your objective is search engine optimization (SEO), friendsourcing, or just greater connection with customers and clients, video is the #1 tool you need to tell your story.

Last week, as part of my webinar for RE/MAX, I talked about the importance of video with the online audience.

I don’t think YouTube needs another cat video, do you?

Alright, I guess everyone loves cat videos.  This one doesn’t have a cat in it, but there are five ideas that can make a difference if you are creating videos on a budget.

On this blog post from Wolf 21 Internet Marketing, you can see some compelling statistics about video, attributed to Craig Backman from the McLellan Group:

  • Video is the preferred medium by most site visitors. According to Cisco Systems, 90% of web traffic will be from video by the time we reach 2013.
  • Video is relevant to all demographics. It is not just youth that are broadcasting their talents through online video, but people 55 and older are also finding a space to share their stories.
  • Video is more persuasive. According to Nielson data, product users are 85% more likely to buy from video content than from text.
  • Video is more memorable. Videos are sensational and require more than just one sense to understand a message. They thus attract better site traffic and higher quality content than text does.
  • Video enhances SEO results. Forrester found that video is 53 times more than text content to rank within the top search engine results. Google looks at the description, title and tags for indexing a video.

If you’d like to learn more about how video can make a difference for you, your company or your brand, check out Your Online Video, Inc.

And for more information on my upcoming book, be sure to check out

Photo courtesy of Benjamin Harrison. Used under creative commons, some rights reserved.

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