Is it time for a change?

Understanding how to create meaningful change is central to the transformation that we all seek. Living Your Authentic Story is an eight-week program, designed to provide you with group and individual coaching, on the process of transformation.

You see, when you change your story, you can change your results. Not by creating some fiction, but by being more authentic and more clear about who you really are.

In my coaching practice, I’ve come to realize that the most important story is the story we tell ourselves.

Isn’t it time to focus on you?  What would it mean to you, to understand how to be more authentic, more engaging and more persuasive with the people that matter most? On the edge of 2016, it’s time to consider a new way of looking at the same old problems – and finding the innovation that’s inside of you.

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Your perspective on your current circumstances isn’t just a reflection of “the way things are” – it is the way that things are. Like that guy who couldn’t find his glasses, sometimes a fresh perspective can make a world of difference.

In Living Your Authentic Story, you’ll join me for a series of unique and tailored coaching experiences, over the course of an eight week period. Each week, I’ll provide you with customized and curated video content – a video for you to review, and consider, in the context of creating the change that you need. The videos will be designed to provoke new ideas, spur insights, and encourage you towards the transformation that matters most to you.

Then, we’ll meet online – via video – to discuss the component parts of transformation.

The meetings will give us an opportunity to look at some of the ideas I’d like to share, and then – through guided group discussion – we will take a look at the application of those new ideas.

All calls will be recorded and you will have password-protected access to all the materials, including audio and video downloads, as well as any written materials from the sessions.

And everyone who signs up will receive up to a one-hour coaching session with me.


Our agenda is simple: it’s you.

Living Your Authentic Story – Course Details

Each video call is one hour in length, and will preceded by a video (required viewing, and never more than the length of a TED talk) prior to the call.

Coursework will begin in January, and a complete schedule will be provided at the first of the month.

  • All group sessions, coaching and videos will be recorded – so you can watch and review when it’s convenient for you
  • Video and audio recordings will be provided, from the group coaching calls – so you can listen online or on your favorite .mp3 player
  • You will have lifetime access to the archive of all sessions, all materials, all assignments

This course is an investment of time, an investment of money, and an investment in your personal transformation. If progress isn’t worth that much to you, then this probably isn’t the right program.

The investment is all about your future. Your progress. Your learning.  And, your story.

Enroll today for a special individual rate of just $999.00 – but if you click below, you’ll receive a special discounted price (good through 12/31/15):

After your payment has processed, you will receive the course schedule, workbook and materials at least one week prior to start.

Group Coaching Available:

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