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For leaders and executives, focusing on innovation is important – but what do you do, when you realize that great ideas are not enough?

In the following video, see how an experienced leader failed to inspire trust, even when he had the perfect solution. A cautionary tale of the right idea, and the wrong outcome. Dead wrong, in fact.

Innovation, like talent, is not enough any more. Great ideas require trust. Agreement. Persuasion.

Forest Fire - by Lotus R, used under creative commons

Experience is not enough. Titles are not enough. Advanced degrees and prestigious MBA programs are not enough. Even medical students, from impressive programs, are finding out that it takes more than just science to land a residency that matters. Do you agree? The video above is a cautionary tale for all of us. We have to be able to create trust, and deliver our ideas in way that serves others, or the results can be disappointing. Or even tragic.

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Without trust, even the greatest life-saving ideas are lost. Discarded. Dismissed.


Do you feel like you are being overlooked? That your idea or innovation is being ignored? Perhaps the challenge isn’t with your great ideas – perhaps the challenge lies in your ability to convey those ideas to others.

The great acting teacher, Stella Adler, explained it this way:

You’ve got to have a talent, for your talent.”

Without the ability to express yourself, your message is lost – no matter how good it might be.

Creating a culture of trust starts at the top. In this age of layoffs and political fistfights, people are wondering who to trust. Can leaders really provide a message that matters? Can you deliver a story that others can believe in?

They say there’s nothing that can stop an idea whose time has come. I’m curious to get your feedback: what are the key components of trust and sincerity? What was missing for the unfortunate firefighters who perished, in the story above? Share your great ideas – they could make a real difference!


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Photo of Taromina and Forest Fire – by Lotus R, used under creative commons. Some rights reserved.

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