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For years, marketing teams have put their attention on the four p’s – product, price, promotion and place (distribution). Changes in market conditions have created a fifth p – and marketers are taking notice.

In marketing today, you’ve got to turn the mirror around, if you want to really reflect your brand. Reaching your customer is about reflecting their needs in new and more powerful ways.

Today’s celebrity is the one who creates the conversation – and that celebrity status applies to personalities as well as brands. ¬†Turn the mirror around, and reflect the conversation that matters to your audience – if you want your marketing message to really resonate.


Companies are hungry for the loyalty of days gone by. While super-brands like Apple and Google continue to dominate their market spaces, their stories are the exception not the rule. Small firms with fewer than 500 employees represent 99.9% of the employers in this country, according to the US Small Business Administration. For smaller firms, the universal nature of social media sites has created a great equalizer: positive buzz is not necessarily related to your ad spend. But intelligence is required to move the marketplace in a crowded arena of tweets, likes and pokes.

Marketing Update: Enter the Fifth P

For brands to succeed in the current marketplace, they must consider the 5th ‘p’: Personalization.

Customers today don’t want to be sold; they want to know why. Why you? Why THIS brand? Why now? And those answers must delivered on a personal basis, as part of the social media conversation.

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The fact that your company is the biggest doesn’t matter. Bigger, faster, stronger is yesterday’s news.

Clients today are looking for resonance – that personalization in marketing that shows your brand is aligned with their values in a personal way.

For customers today, products and services have lost their meaning. Experience is the new currency – money is traded for the experience, whatever that experience may be. From skydiving to saving orphans, driving a Jaguar or implementing an ERP software package, the experience is what matters.

Still, traditional product marketing companies don’t always understand the experience that they are selling. Saying that you sell “products” is only telling a small portion of the story – at least, in your customers’ eyes. Consider the total experience – from shipment to service to upgrade – and you see the personalization that every brand needs.

When it comes time to make your message matter, you’ve got to understand the nature of influence and persuasion. The NEW Elevator Pitch is the hold-your-handbook when it comes to communication in the digital age. With millions of marketing messages bombarding your audience, you deserve to know how to cut through the noise with a powerful and concise message. Go beyond slogans, and find real solutions, when you understand the secrets of The NEW Elevator Pitch.The-NEW-Elevator-Pitch-by-Chris-Westfall

New marketing strategies lead to new marketing results.

For more information on how to make your message matter, click here.

How can you incorporate more personalization into your marketing? What’s changed about your marketing efforts, and how has that change translated into a new customer experience for your organization?

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