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Every entrepreneur starts at the same exact place.

What does it take to be an entrepreneur?

Creating new solutions always involves the same process – because nothing of any consequence happens without the involvement of other people.

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

There’s one way to find out.

Here’s part of the foreword from 7 Steps to Entrepreneurial Victory, written by Chris Vanderzyden (find out more about her below) and published by Marie Street Press.  The foreword features television and radio host, Jeffrey Hayzlett.  Here’s what he has to say about entrepreneurship:

Jeffrey Hayzlett on Bloomberg TV
Jeffrey Hayzlett on Bloomberg TV

“Change is inevitable, and the 7 Steps to Entrepreneurial Victory speaks my language.

Chris inspires her readers to recognize the forces of change, harness the energy of innovation, and capitalize on the opportunities change presents by entering the world of entrepreneurship.


But, people fail. Businesses fail. And entrepreneurs… fail in great numbers. Read this book, follow the steps and avoid failure.

The list of reasons for failure is as long as the prairie stretches on. For most, they simply don’t have the knowledge or the tools to create success in a business. Life as an entrepreneur is very much like running the gauntlet, requiring a small business owner to not only be agile in the face of change, but to be very adept in the multitude of functions necessary to run a successful business.

Chris’s 7 Steps to Entrepreneurial Victory is the antidote to failure. Her seven-step comprehensive code is an all-encompassing program to ensure every function of a business is contributing to its profitability and the business continues to run at the platinum level.

She doesn’t sugarcoat the process of creating a business, and she guides her reader through self-discovery to assess if the entrepreneurial world is the right rodeo for him or her.

She prods the reader to take a long, hard look to discern if his or her business model can withstand the force of competition. She challenges the review of every aspect of the business to ensure all strategies and tactics are in line with producing a profitable business. She further explores how to identify the obstacles that can prohibit the achievement of success and offers up clear strategies to overcome those obstacles.

Chris clearly likes to win.

With real-world experience as a CPA and as an entrepreneur, Chris is a champion for all entrepreneurs. If you want to ensure your business is a success, read this book, take action, implement the strategies, and make Chris part of your winning team.”

– Jeffrey Hayzlett

An excellent resource for entrepreneurs:

Author Chris Vanderzyden 7 Steps to Entrepreneurial VictoryCheck out the new book by Chris Vanderzyden – CPA, business owner and author of
7 Steps to Entrepreneurial Victory, published by Marie Street Press.  Find out how you can create the Victory Code for your current business, new venture, or organization.  Featured as a contributor on FOX News, Chris speaks all across North America to business owners and entrepreneurs on successful business strategies.  Find out more about her at

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