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The old idea of an in-your-face, unwanted elevator pitch is repulsive. No one wants to be sold, but everyone wants to buy.

Why try and shove your story down someone’s throat? Nobody wants to ride on that elevator, Gunga Din! Here’s how to start the conversation…

From my seminar, “Secrets of the NEW Elevator Pitch”. I had an opportunity to speak to a group of business owners last week in Houston. In this clip from Vistage International, see how to create an elevator speech that creates interest.

With a fresh and modern perspective on the elevator speech, you can create a compelling conversation – for any business.

(Follow my updates on twitter via the new hashtag#epitch. )

For more information on how YOU can improve your elevator pitch, you’re invited to join me for one of the following upcoming seminars

These seminars are FREE, and I’m sure they will make a difference for you – your career, your company, your causes… or wherever your elevator takes you. You deserve to have a strong message – create the connections you deserve, with the NEW Elevator Pitch.

The NEW Elevator Pitch by Chris Westfall #epitchA FREE Copy of the Book will be given away at EACH webinar!

Find out how to use the NEW Elevator Pitch to get a job, get a raise, get an angel investor, and more. Advance your career with the power of persuasion, with a message that’s designed for the Digital Age

Register for the upcoming one-hour webinar here:

  1. Monday, April 30, 2012 10am CST – THE NEW ELEVATOR PITCH WEBINAR
  2. Wednesday, May 2, 2012, 10am CST – THE NEW ELEVATOR PITCH WEBINAR
  3. Friday, May 4, 2012, 1:00pm CST – THE NEW ELEVATOR PITCH WEBINAR
Image courtesy of Ricardo Diaz. Used under creative commons, some rights reserved.

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