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For entrepreneurs today, leadership communication skills are the foundation of business growth.

If you want to expand into new markets, attract new employees to your organization, or even just take better care of the employees you have now, that leadership starts with your story.

Here’s a quick audio introduction to my keynote presentations, taking place at the Global Leadership Conference (GLC) for EO – the Entrepreneurs’ Organization – in Frankfurt, Germany.

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About EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization)

EO is the only global network exclusively for entrepreneurs. EO helps leading entrepreneurs learn and grow through peer-to-peer learning, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and connections to experts.

The GLC (Global Leadership Conference) features top keynote speakers as a resource for over 160 worldwide chapters, providing access to thought leadership at a showcase event. For 2017, the Global Leadership Conference (GLC) for EO will be held in Frankfurt, Germany. For details, contact your local EO Chapter or visit the Entrepreneurs’ Organization website at eonetwork.org.

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