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What’s the one question that most job seekers forget to ask, in the interview?

Professional development coach Chris Westfall provides insight that can help you to know exactly how you compare to your competition, and what you need to discuss in the interview to move your career forward.

What’s the best question that a job seeker can ask in an interview? As a hiring manager, how would you respond to a candidate who asked, “Where do I stand..?”

Do you want to make your message matter, in your next job interview?

The NEW Elevator Pitch by Chris WestfallThe NEW Elevator Pitch is your guidebook to persuasive communication in the digital age. With this book, you can

  • Get a job
  • Get a raise
  • Get funding for your business, social cause or candidate

Create the interview that answers your job questions – when you know how to tell your story, you can harness the power of The NEW Elevator Pitch.

Photo courtesy of Bryan Gosline. Used under creative commons license; some rights reserved.

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