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Do you believe that it is possible to transform your customers, and your company culture?

The process of transformation can impact both your internal and external customers – and, while that process isn’t necessarily easy, it’s not impossible, either. I’m talking about leading through change – and leading your team to new results.

In order to create meaningful change in your company’s culture, you’ve got to understand where corporate culture begins.  The way that your company culture is created, processed, communicated and reproduced is through stories.

So, what’s your story?



When you change your story, you can change your results – and even change your company culture. You can impact and influence your clients in new ways.

However, if branding were just as simple as telling a new story, everyone would be setting up shop as a fiction writer. The fact is, stories must be reinforced with action.

There’s a saying in Texas, “It ain’t braggin’ if you can do it.” The key to changing your culture isn’t just by changing what you say about yourself – it’s about creating the behavior that changes what others say about you.

When you change your story, your culture can change – but only through execution, and delivery – the kind of actions that turn a good story into a profitable business.

More importantly, when you understand how to tell your story, you can create powerful changes for your clients. You can move your business forward. You can break through the barriers that are holding you back.

Transformation begins when you articulate the change you would like to create.

Sometimes that change impacts your client, sometimes it impacts your culture – but the key is asking yourself a very important question.

For your culture and your customers: What is it that you would like to create?

Change starts with your message – and your ability to tell a story that’s put into action. Do you know how to make your message matter?

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