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When it’s time to create the branding conversation, there are three words that change the game.

Your message begins online, but what’s the secret to transforming the conversation? Whether you tweet it or tell it, consider these three words as your road map to influence, persuasion and true connection.

Face to facebook Have you ever met someone that couldn’t say anything in less than two minutes?

I call this person, “The Rambler”. They might just be the reason text messages were invented.


So, how about a different perspective on the conversation?

If you think about it, the clothes we wear, the cars we drive, the homes we live in…they all come from the exact same place.
A place where two people came together to share a conversation about something new.

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Two people were having a conversation. One person said, I have an idea. The other person said,

“Tell me more.”


Those three words, “Tell me more”, are the secret to the conversation.

Doesn’t it seem like you concentrate exclusively on the content of your stories – what you’ve done, what you’re doing, etc.?

It’s like a verbal status update, or a resume review. Perhaps you’ve experienced this kind of laundry list communication, in a presentation at work.

Accomplishments, statistics, features and flashy pictures don’t mean a thing, until you get your audience involved.

Next time you give a presentation or a pitch, think about what you would like your listener to do or say when you are done. Consider the “Tell me more”, and focus on the outcome.

People want to know more about what you are going to do than what you have done.

When you change your story, you change your results. Focus on:

  • What you would like to create or change, with the help of the person right in front of you
  • The action you need, for the results you want – again, phrased in terms of the person in front of you
  • Consider how your idea can improve the status quo for your audience: How do things get better, when you get going?

By focusing on your listener, you take your attention off of your astonishing accomplishments or fantabulous product benefits (yawn). Create a conversation by creating a connection – a connection that engages your audience in your story. That way, you put your attention where it really matters: “Tell me more”.

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