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For Millennials, college career services is the path to professional success… right?

What if the service you receive isn’t enough for your career, your goals, and your dreams?

Here’s an invitation for you to take control of your destiny, with some news you can use, right now.

In college, career services is focused on helping you to prove the value of your degree. Connecting students with prospective employers is key to the rating and effectiveness of the university.

However, what happens if you are a non-traditional student?

Who’s going to help you, if career services won’t, or can’t?

The shocking truth about college career services:

No one can promise you a career.
You have to take control of your own destiny.

If your wants and goals are “outside of the box”, you have to work smarter to create your results.  Non-traditional students have to be more resourceful, and sometimes that means finding sources outside of career services.

Non-traditional students include:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Artists
  • Liberal Arts Majors and General studies
  • Anyone trying to find a job outside of the corporations that come for on-campus interviews
  • International students seeking an H-1 Visa or similar
  • Students at smaller universities, private schools or up-and-coming institutions

Oftentimes, the non-traditional economy forces students to seek new ways of proving their value. And when I say “oftentimes”, I really mean, “all the time”.

The job market can be harsh, particularly for college students. That’s not the fault of career services, or any other department.

And you shouldn’t have to apologize for your interest in philosophy, art history, or any other major.  You owe it to yourself to accept this shocking truth about career services: the future is all up to you.

It’s time to take command of the next chapter in your story.

For me, I’m passionate about helping people to tell their stories. And working with college students (and career services departments!) is an important part of my business. I’ve been fortunate to speak at a number of universities (UTDallas, SMU, OSU, University of Pennsylvania, TCU, etc) national conferences, and at entrepreneurship seminars across the country.

You owe it to yourself to make your career as much of a priority as your education. That’s why I’m inviting you to check out this upcoming webinar:

Chris Westfall and the Secrets of the NEW Elevator Pitch– for details click here

Make your message matter, when the stakes are high.

Find out how to influence and persuade, when it comes time to interview for your internship, or dream job.
Identify your unique qualities, even if your major or interest is “non-traditional” – and turn your aspirations into a career, with the national elevator pitch champion.

In terms of your career, whoever tells the best story wins.

For Millennials, finding experiences that matter (and that pay the bills) can be a challenge. But even more important than the experience is the way you describe your experience to a prospective employer.

When it comes time to tell your story, can you stand and deliver? What are you doing to give yourself every competitive advantage, in a highly competitive market? If you think a degree from a prestigious institution is all you need, think again. A great education isn’t enough – you’ve got to have a great story, if you want to find the perfect career path.

Take command of your message, and your future, in this online webinar from the National Elevator Pitch Champion. Because your future starts today.

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