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Hiring continues to slow in the US… Can you afford not to give yourself every possible opportunity to succeed in your job search?

Personal branding advice for your resume, from the national elevator pitch champion.

The Three-Step Resume Accelerator:

Clarify your experience to strengthen your visibility to recruiters and hiring managers.

  1. Name It: don’t assume that the recruiter knows your previous employer.  Your last job may have been at a “name” company, like IBM or ExxonMobil – but, which division?  How big was your team?  The name alone is not enough; you have to prove your relevance by delivering additional details. Concerned because you worked for a privately held company? Try using, “Revenues in excess of…” “Division with over 200 employees…” etc. You can still provide size and scope, without exact specifics.
  2. Claim It: describe your accomplishments in numbers.  Quantify the number of people in your department, who you reported to, and what results you delivered to the company.
  3. Frame It: Time is the accelerator; if your results are impressive, the timeframe is what makes you the candidate of choice (after all, who wouldn’t want someone that can not only produce, but produce quickly?)

Using keywords effectively will help you get found in search results, but “Name It, Claim It and Frame It” is what helps the phone to ring.  Want to see an example?


Monitronics – Dallas, TX – Marketing Director

Responsible for all aspects of consumer marketing, including print, online media, advertising and direct mail.  Developed company websites and managed vendor relationships.  Supervised PR and corporate communications to stockholders during company acquisition.


Monitronics – Dallas, TX – Marketing Director

Handled all areas of marketing for publicly-traded security services provider, recently acquired for $1.2B by Ascent Media (December 2012).  Managed $4.5MM advertising budget and supervised team of 7.  Delivered new company website 3 months ahead of schedule; managed vendor partnerships that saved the organization over $422,000 during the six months prior to merger.

Ping me at and I will send you more resume examples, as part of the upcoming newsletter. You can see for yourself how to put these strategies in play.

What are the ways you can name it, claim it and frame it – to make your resume more meaningful? Corporate recruiters and hiring managers: would you like to see this level of detail, to qualify the candidate?

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