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Need more money?

If you want to improve your personal economy, improve your personal communication.

After all, if you don’t have a persuasive story, how will anything – and I mean ANYTHING – ever improve? From politics to personal effectiveness, everyone needs a compelling message, if we are going to create meaningful and lasting change. That change depends on your ability to connect with others, if you want your personal economy to improve.
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Nothing of any significance happens without the involvement of other people. So, if you want to make a real difference, you’ve got to make a real connection.

You have to get clear on your value proposition: what you can do with, through and for others. And you’ve got to develop a style of communication that gets that message across in clear and concise language. In other words, you’ve got to create influence.

I’ve written a book that’s designed to help you to develop a clear and compelling message – a message that can influence others. I call this message (and my book) The NEW Elevator Pitch. By unlocking the secrets of communication in the digital age, you can understand how to make your message matter.

Carol RothMSNBC and FOX NEWS commentator and NY-TIMES bestselling author Carol Roth has this to say about the book:

“In today’s environment of overstimulation, sometimes the most challenging task is simply to capture someone’s attention. Whether you are seeking a job or even a first date, creating a compelling first interaction with someone is deceptively difficult. The New Elevator Pitch is a critical resource to help you create breakthrough communications when it matters the most.”

Ellen BremenHere’s what Ellen Bremen (author of “Say THIS, Not That to Your College Professor”) has to say about the book:

I am a seasoned communication prof and a public speaker… and, at times, even I struggle with brevity and succinctness in my message! Chris’s book is a great reminder for veterans like myself, and for anyone who wants to develop a “captivating core” of what they are trying to get across. The book is written in an open, welcoming, conversational tone. Readers will be able to implement the recommendations the second they put it down.

The-NEW-Elevator-Pitch-by-Chris-WestfallI want to invite you to find out more about how you can use The NEW Elevator Pitch to improve your economy – in your business, your home, or in your community. What would it mean to you, if you could persuade and influence the people that matter most to you? What could you create, with a powerful and authentic personal message?

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