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Michael Neill breaks into some new and engaging territory with his latest book, The Inside Out Revolution… Check out this video review:

Review of The Inside Out Revolution by Michael Neill

Deceptively simple in its premise, The Inside Out Revolution introduces three basic and fundamental principles that underly our understanding of the world, and our role within it.

Within this context, a series of insights provides you with the things that have been missing: namely, that you don’t have to engage in a series of five- or seven-step exercises in order to be better – or feel better – no matter what your circumstances.

Michael Neill, Author of The Inside Out Revolution

Michael Neill

As one of the foremost experts on NLP, it’s very intriguing to learn how Michael has embraced these Three Principles, but – as with any of his books – his interpretation and application of these concepts creates a new perspective.

In keeping with his other titles, such as You Can Have What You Want and Feel Happy Now, this book lives up to its subtitle, with the only things you need to know to create real and lasting change in your life.

When you understand how a thing works, the idea here is that you can make it work for you.

Check Your Programming: At the Door

And, for me, I was really glad I didn’t have to memorize eye movements, understand how to create or break a trance, or change my state to change my results.

Look, I’m a fan of a lot of the NLP stuff.  I respect the premise.  Like a lot of you reading this message, I would say that NLP has made a difference for me.

But, consider this thought, which entered my head as I was reading the book: Could The Inside Out Revolution be the answer to the question, “What’s beyond NLP?”

Neill continues to engage with a tight narrative (no surprise there), including well-written and clear representations (not really arguments) of new perception, and new results.

For me it was an easy read that left me feeling empowered (even though I am in the middle of some crazy personal stuff right now – but, aren’t we all? That’s the thing about “principles”: they work on the crazy and the normal stuff, they work in your city and in mine, etc.).

There are so many titles that fall into the category of “self-help”, but here’s one of the great breakthroughs in this title: what if the help you need is inside yourself, right now?

And creating that wonderful life starts with a new understanding – an understanding that’s principles-based, and accessible to anyone who will consider these ideas. Highly recommended.

What are your thoughts and comments on The Inside Out Revolution by Michael Neill?

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