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The Elevator Pitch for Dummies is an old-school, outdated method of communication.

Dummies just repeat what others have said; your message has to be unique, if it’s going to stand out from the rest of the noise. In this video, find out how to take your personal message to the next level.

When you think of an elevator pitch, what comes to mind? The secrets of influence and persuasion are here – but dummies need not apply!

Perhaps you’ve seen an old-school “pitch” like the one described in the video. Watching this kind of presentation is like seeing someone still using dial-up internet service. Sure, they’re connected, but there’s so much that they are missing! It’s ridiculous to think of someone dialing up to the internet with a modem, when other services are everywhere, faster and less expensive.

Same story with an outdated elevator pitch. Your message is slow to be received, and there’s so much you’re missing, when you’re using outdated strategies. Time to stop pitching, and start connecting, if you want your story to be heard.

Experts like Seth Godin and Daniel Pink have talked about how the elevator pitch has undergone a transformation. Isn’t it time to update your message, and the way you deliver it?

The-NEW-Elevator-Pitch-by-Chris-WestfallThe key to The NEW Elevator Pitch is changing your focus. After all, when you change your focus, you change your results. It’s time to stop concentrating on the past, and upgrade to a faster and more robust pitch. No matter what your career, you have to influence and persuade. As Pink discusses in detail in To Sell is Human, his new best-selling book, we are all in the business of influence and persuasion. Yesterday’s pitch is not persuasive; it’s as out of date as your old modem.

Take a look at the people you’d like to influence most, and ask yourself: What could a NEW elevator pitch do for you? When it’s time to get a job, get a raise, get an investment or even just get a date, you’ve got to have a story that sells.

What’s yours?

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