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Les McKeown, the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of “Predictable Success”, talks about the secrets of “The Synergist”.

In typical Les McKeown style, he gets right to the heart of the matter: explaining how companies can break through the inevitable gridlock that exists within any organization. Check out my video interview with Les, in this post.

Due out on January 3, 2012, “The Synergist” continues the story of Predictable Succes – this time, focusing on the personality types that build and lead organizations.   Helping those personalities to work together effectively is the secret of “The Synergist”.

They say that great artists show us ourselves.  If that’s true, then Les McKeown has applied an artistic eye to the personality clashes that can wreck a business. Combined with a surgical precision for business analysis, Les has created a great roadmap for operating within any team environment.

As Les explains, The Synergist is the next step in Predictable Success.

Les McKeown is an author I respect and admire. He is candid, forthright and funny, with insights that can only come from a lifetime of real-world experience. His ability to cut into the heart of a particular business issue is a rare gift, and he shares his skill once again in “The Synergist – How to Lead Your Team to Predictable Success”. I was honored to receive an advance copy of the book, and even more grateful that Les would join me for the video above.

Les McKeown, author of "The Synergist"

Author of The Synergist

McKeown’s greatest gift to entrepreneurs and the C-Suite is twofold. In addition to some uncanny observations – covering themes that are universal to every business – he provides the skills that can allow anyone to become a Synergist. He clearly points out how our personalities are often the greatest barrier to predictable success. If we are to achieve anything – in business, in life, in our communities – we have to work with others towards a common goal. We have to find a way to become a Synergist. Do you want to be someone who can overcome personality differences? The Synergist shows you how you can.


The Synergist is a must-read for any C-Level Executive, Entrepreneur, or Team Leader.


I’m grateful for the opportunity to discuss a book that I believe will make a difference.

What are your thoughts on “Predictable Success”? And, do you plan on reading “The Synergist”?

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