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Is your sales pitch is in need of some serious renovation?

Kevin O'Leary on

We all want to be able to influence and persuade. In fact, everyone has to sell others on our ideas – whether you are in a traditional sales role, or maybe just someone trying to pick a good Chinese restaurant for your date. Facing a Shark, or a Dragon, your story is your ammunition, and your armor, all at once.

You might say that sales and sales pitches are a part of everyone’s life, at some point or another. Yet, the sales pitch is in need of a makeover – a transformation, if you will. And, if you won’t – you probably won’t get the deal!

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Your sales pitch stinks because (let’s face it): it’s a pitch.


Look, I’m not trying to mince words here. I pitch for a living, and help others to do the same. Persuasion is my currency, and influence my product. But what I’ve realized is: the “pitch” needs to be updated, if you really want to engage and persuade.

Step into a different elevator, and let me explain:

The best “pitch” isn’t judged by the sound of your vowels, or your deal book, your gestures or your charisma. The best pitch is judged by what your listener does when you are done.

Actions trump salesmanship in every elevator pitch – in every conversation. While style matters, it’s the action that you inspire that can be seen, felt, and measured. After you’ve captured your audience’s attention, you talk about what you’ve done, and what you’re doing, in the context of “why” and “because”, so that you establish relevance.

Once you’ve gotten past “So what?” the next question is, “Now what?”

Your audience wants to know:

“What are you going to do next?”

Or, if you really want to inspire,

“What are we going to do together?”

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