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Those three little words are the foundation of Web 2.0, and the centerpiece of effective branding strategy in social media.

Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn – and all forms of social media:  If you are attempting to create an online brand, or even a personal brand, you have to understand the concept of “Tell Me More…”

Think about the tools you use to tell your story: your website, your twitter account, Facebook, your company collateral, or even your resume. The ideal reaction to any of these items is, of course, “I’ll buy it/you/the service!”  But that short-circuits the way that people engage and interact today.

Before a customer can reach that decision point, the first step is:  “Tell Me More…”  Try before you buy isn’t just a quick rhyming cliche.  It’s the way we are wired today.

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Social Media is a conversation; If you can’t create a connection, you’ll never earn the right to ask for someone’s business.


The whole point of twitter is “Tell Me More…” No matter what the message, interest is the goal. Interest leads to action, and interested clients are the best kind. A website can be much more detailed, and provide brand messages, videos, blogs, etc. But, how do you get someone to your website? First, you have to create an interesting message that makes a potential customer say, “Tell Me More…”

It’s not possible to convey a complete branding message in 140 characters on twitter.

Sophisticated storytellers think about more than just their tale; they consider the audience’s reaction. Creating an online brand IS the modern equivalent of storytelling. I agree with Annette Simmons: Whoever Tells the Best Story, Wins. As you present your value proposition, think about what you would like your listener/reader/customer to do or say. Be ready for what comes next, when they say, “Tell Me More…”

There’s never a good time to give a bad presentation. Improve your story, and create the results you need.  “Tell me more…” is the secret to a great message, and the centerpiece of  The NEW Elevator Pitch.

Let’s connect, and let me know how I can help bring more authenticity to your next presentation.

For my corporate clients, like Cisco and Hewlett Packard, or local businesses like Weir’s Furniture, or non-profits like Every Orphan’s Hope, The NEW Elevator Pitch is changing the way that people communicate.  If you want to create a different outcome, consider how your story could impact your results.  If it’s time for a new conversation, maybe you should consider The NEW Elevator Pitch.  Get a job, get a raise, get a date and get going with a message that deserves to be heard.

Retainers are a great way to access expertise on an ongoing basis.  Contact Westfall and Associates to learn more.

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