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Have you set your goals for 2014? Or have you been assigned your goals, by your fearless leader?  There’s so much talk about the importance of goal-setting, and being goal oriented. But goal setting is flawed in one gigantic way. In fact, goal setting may be exactly what’s holding you back.

Goals are Boundaries

Free yourself from your goalsIf you are seeking to reach your potential, a goal becomes a liability if you underestimate your capabilities. Or, if you overestimate what you can achieve – perhaps due to your own skills, or the cooperation of market conditions, or what your husband will tolerate, or any myriad of other factors that can inhibit your success.

Goals Can Be Limiting

What happens if you don’t reach your goal? Will you be unhappy? Will you be unlucky? Will you be moved to the office in Trenton? Ask yourself why goals matter so much. What is it that you will gain, if you reach your goal?  And, think for a second: is that goal really your goal?

Let Go of Your Goals

Could it be that your goal is holding you back – maybe not from hitting your quota, but from finding real satisfaction in your job and in your life? Your need to achieve is important – but ask yourself, what is it that you will really gain, once you achieve your goals? Something could be in the way of you achieving your version of success.

Try on this counter-intuitive idea for a minute:  Let go of the thing that holds you back – let go of your goal, and start to think about who you will be once you exceed your expectations.


Who you are is more than just what you can achieve, right?


Focus your direction on yourself – the person you need to be, in order to achieve something that’s much more impactful and exciting than just a “goal”. Maybe thinking beyond your goals is the best way to find out who you really are.

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