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Serendipity is good – but can it be shaped?

The answer is yes, if you understand how to create the unexpected and turn it into opportunity.

Serendipity means good luck in making fortunate unexpected discoveries; so how do we create the unexpected?  And what would that mean to your new girlfriend, exactly?

My dad always told me, “You practice like you play“.  As a former college quarterback, he knows a lot about the importance of practice.

His logic goes like this: you practice your game, so that you can create unexpected events. Practice creates opportunity; skill allows you to capitalize on the unexpected. After all, the difference between “serendipity” and “surprise” is… results.

From Nathan Jamail’s “Sales Leaders Playbook”: Athletes spend 90% of their time practicing, and 10% on performance.

In business, it’s more like 1% practice, 99% “just do it”, and hope for the best. Not a good strategy for serendipity, but it certainly can create a lot of surprises! And, when it comes to relationships…

…Do you really have a strategy for telling your story?  And, by the way: where do you think all relationships – romantic or otherwise – really begin?

I think your story really does matter.

In the business world, effective practice means taking time to reflect on opportunities, to explore ideas with others, and exchange innovation with other thought leaders.  Sometimes it means taking time to re-read the playbook, and look at things in new and unexpected ways.  In relationships, you’ve got to go beyond the online profile if you want to make a real connection.   Ask your girlfriend if you don’t believe me, and work on your communication skills by listening closely to the answer!

For example: What could be easier than an elevator pitch?  A short, persuasive speech that introduces a person, product or idea.  It’s just a 30, 60 or 118 second speech, so what’s so difficult?   If you get it right, you could create an unexpected opportunity.  Maybe you could get the funding that you need, or a raise.  Maybe even get a date, if that’s not too much of a stretch.  But before anything exciting happens, you have to make a real connection.

The-NEW-Elevator-Pitch-by-Chris-WestfallTalking is relatively simple.  Talking in a way that creates a real connection is something entirely different, especially in the digital world of likes, tweets and pokes.  Keyboarding is easy; being real when you’re face to face is the challenge of our times.

Creativity shapes serendipity. By asking “What if…?” we can unlock the key to imagination – that’s the birthplace of new discoveries. Put that idea into practice by exchanging new ideas; prepare for the unexpected by considering it with colleagues you trust. If you want to enroll others in your vision, take time to consider an elevator pitch that can move your ideas forward.  You never know what might happen, once you start the conversation.

Do you know how to create serendipity?  They say that “Good things come to those who wait”.  What about those who practice?  What could you practice, today, that could make a difference in your career, your community, or your relationships?

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