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So many times, when faced with an incredible opportunity, it’s easy to lose yourself in the shock of sizing the moment – instead of seizing it!

On the verge of New Years 2014, you have to know one thing: you deserve to make the Big Moments into big opportunities.

What would you love to create for yourself, and for the people that matter most to you, in 2014?  That process of creation starts with your story – your connection to the people who can make the big difference for you. And you’ve got to be ready to stand and deliver, on a moment’s notice!

The best question to ask is always the one that is phrased in terms of your listener, with specifics that show recognition.  And that’s difficult, especially when you’re having that meeting with the CEO, the top client, or someone you really admire!

But the trick is:  you’ve got to turn the mirror around before you start babbling.  Instead of focusing on your internal shock and awe, you’ve got to focus on your listener.

New Years – Time for a New Story?

New Years Eve Sunset ImageCan you take a moment to really notice what’s going on with your VIP connection?  The best conversation often starts with what your listener is thinking, so begin with what’s happening right now.

Your boss, your investor,  your board of directors are just as human as you are.

Don’t dump some mission statement or “can-you-help-me-and-my-business” ask in the first 8 seconds.  Consider what’s going on right in front of you, on a human level.  Have a conversation, that’s what we all want!  And, as you know, the conversation always starts in the best of all possible places:  What’s going on, right now! (sometimes New Years start with New Observations…)

New Years – New Results

Turns out, a conversation is always just a conversation, no matter who you’re talking to.  What do you know and  admire, about your most admired connection?  Whether C-level celebrity or regular Joe, everyone wants to be recognized in a way that’s authentic and “right now”.

Take the time to think about the conversation you’d like to have with the people that can help you most.  Because seizing the moment starts with your story – so make sure your message matters, when it’s time to seize the moment – for New Years and beyond!

Image used under creative commons courtesy Some rights reserved by gnuckx. Seattle skyline picture by the author.

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