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Why do some people find great sales success, while many do not? You know what I mean – I’m talking about that one individual that seems to find a pot of gold at the end of every customer.

Consider for a moment: what makes one person succeed at sales – is it luck, persistence, personality…or something more? Turns out, sales success is a process that anyone can learn – if you’re willing to put in the effort!

While it may seem that sales success comes from a combination of chance, good luck and a lot of knocking on doors, the truth is that sales success is a process.

In other words, a there is a recipe for success.

The raw ingredients include networking in an effective social context, providing a clear and compelling value proposition, and having the tools necessary to close the deal.  And then, you have to get to work – working smarter than others, if you want different results.

Here are three things you can do, right now as a sales leader, to create greater effectiveness in your organization:

1. Get clarity around your message, for real sales success

Does your training program focus on product knowledge? Of course an in-depth look at your products and services is key to your success. But remember what the eastern philosopher Runi said: “Sell your knowledge, and purchase bewilderment.”

The best sales people approach their solutions with a natural curiosity – a curiosity about the customers’ business! Unless you phrase your value proposition in terms of what you can do for your client, you really aren’t creating the kind of dialogue you need! Your job is to solve a problem for your customer – not simply recreate your marketing brochure, white paper or website!

2. Stop cold calling, for real sales success

Everyone seems to hate cold calls. So, why do it? If you are doing something you hate, how are you going to do it well? Training is not the answer for ineffective behavior.  If you learn to be better at something that’s unproductive, what do you win?

You’re still making cold calls!  How is that driving your sales success?

Yet, calls and connections are vital to your performance.  So, get online and get “warm” to your prospects – get clear on their needs – before you pick up the phone or put your fingers on a keyboard. LinkedIn is here to warm you up – don’t go in cold!

3. Get a better toolkit, for real sales success

Sales Success Starts with LinkedinDo you have everything you need to ensure sales success? If you are a sales leader, or sales professional, you’ve got to have the tools to help you succeed. What kind of an investment could you make – in yourself, or in your team – that would yield new results in the New Year?

And make sure you take the excuses out of your toolkit, to make room for new results.

After all, even a monkey could sell stuff if price were not an issue! The corporate culture may not be your creation, or your wish, but it is your responsibility. Blaming and excuses are the tools of small minds. If you want to go big with your game, get out of the habit of placing responsibility for your close ratio on others.

[box type=”info”] There’s bureaucracy. There’s red tape. There’s politics. And then: there’s what you are going to do, for your cusotmer.[/box]

What are you going to own, right now, to build new results for your clients? Your next prospect wants to know that you won’t be held up or slowed down by internal processes – so, let them know that you are the solutions provider with the toolkit they need. No excuses necessary!


For more information on how to create new sales success for your organization, contact Westfall and Associates LLC today.


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