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Career success doesn’t have to be difficult, or elusive. The key to managing your career effectively is in understanding how to tell your story. That’s the latest update, from Clemson University, where students will learn firsthand how to prove the value of the Clemson degree.

It’s easy to create a resume, or a linkedin profile, that lists the facts of your personal history. But your resume is really just a career graveyard, if you think about it. You know what I mean?

A list of things you did last year, or in 2010, isn’t as important as what you can do for a prospective employer, right now.


The question for your career success is this one: what can you do for a prospective employer, right now?


The past is known, and certain. And the past serves to prove your credibility – the degree that you’ve earned from Clemson, or from another fine institution, is important to your career success.

Career Success Strategies: Employers don’t hire the past.

Employers hire your potential.

For new college graduates seeking an internship or first job, the key to maximizing your potential starts with your story. Do you have the ability to present your skills with confidence – and deliver a conversation that goes beyond your linkedin profile?

Here are three things you can do, right now, to make a real difference in your career:

  1. Focus on the hiring manager – have you done your homework on the people inside the company? Don’t just stop with online resources. Find connections through your alumni office or career services department, to find out what the culture of the company is really like.
  2. Focus on your story – in the right way – anytime you are sharing your accomplishments in an interview, always think about how your story matters to the person right in front of you. Your accomplishments won’t mean much unless you connect them to your listener.
  3. Focus on Service – the things you’ve done are impressive, but what you can do for your new organization is what really matters. Use the past to prove your potential, and focus on outcomes that matter to your new hiring manager. And, if you don’t know what those outcomes are – you’ve got a little bit more homework to do! (here’s an additional resource that can help) After all, the most powerful conversation is a specific conversation – make sure you have some idea of what makes you a perfect fit for the role!

And, if you are looking for more resources for your career, I highly recommend you check out the following websites:

  • YouTern – a great blog and resource for all things college / careers
  • – the human side of business. Exceptional leadership blog
  • The Millennial CEO– find out more about leadership strategy, marketing, and web strategies from Daniel Newman. A unique perspective on how to manage your career effectively.

Photo used under creative commons, courtesy of Henry de Saussure Copeland. Some rights reserved.

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