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A personal story:

As a young salesperson, I was in a training session at AT&T, getting bombarded with all sorts of “Latest & Greatest”  verbal kung-fu, cleverly disguised as sales strategy.  How was I going to remember all this stuff, in front of a customer?

My lizard brain was on overload!

I was concerned that I might not get everything out on the table, when I was with a prospect. What would I do if I forgot something?! I raised my hand and asked the sales manager, “there’s a lot of detail here…what happens if I leave something out?”  (Ever felt that way?)

He replied with one of the wisest things I have ever heard, and a piece of advice that I use to this day. Beyond the concepts and the process, you have to focus on the customer.


I keep this technique front of mind for myself personally, and for all who I have the opportunity to coach. Specifically, it means getting the attention off of yourself – you product, your process, and your “concepts” – and asking questions to make sure you are qualifying your prospect, meeting their needs, getting to their goals. At the same time, you will qualify your answers and create your own road map to the purchase decision. There’s no substitute for knowing your offer in detail, but knowing the customer trumps all else! By focusing on the customer, you will make sure that you find what you may have forgotten – and arrive at your destination (along with the order)!

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