“Leadership Language is more than a 'how to' path to superior communication strategies. It's a roadmap for saving precious time. When everyone is in the same lane, confusion is eliminated, synergy is enhanced, and time is on your side.”Vince Poscente
Vince PoscenteHall of Fame Keynote Speaker and NY Times Bestselling author of The Age of Speed
"Breakthrough communication strategies that can change the conversation and change your results."David Horsager
David HorsagerNew York Times Bestselling author of The Trust Edge
"If you want to increase your ability to influence others and make powerful change... read this book now!"
Dorie Clark
Dorie ClarkAuthor of Reinventing You, Contributor to Harvard Business Review and adjunct professor, Duke University
"Chris Westfall helped me develop and deliver the presentation that changed my life."J. Emilio Cano
J. Emilio CanoWinner Shark Tank - Australia, Season 1

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Creating multi-million dollar results for businesses around the globe. Re-inventing brands. Inspiring executive leaders. Energizing sales teams. And coaching clients onto Shark Tank, Dragon’s Den and  Shark Tank – Australia. Chris is a keynote speaker and business coach who knows how to help you win.

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Leadership Language

The only language you need to know to change your results.

“A remarkable, imaginative and life-changing book. During my forty years as a journalist, I simply figured that the great leaders I interviewed all possessed some intangible, unteachable ability to inspire those around them. It just never occurred to me that leadership could be taught. Then I read Leadership Language.
— Skip Hollandsworth
Co-writer of ‘Bernie’, starring Matthew McConaughey, Shirley MacLaine and Jack Black. Managing Editor of Texas Monthly Magazine.

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