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Think about the most important person in your life right now.

The NEW Elevator Pitch - Now available on NookBeyond your family and your romantic interests, there are friends and partners that want to know more about you – about your skills, talents, goals and ideas. Communicating effectively with the important people in your life can create some incredible results, if you know how to do it. What would it mean to you to be able to engage your clients, Board Members, or potential employers in a story that was persuasive and inspiring? What could you create, through a deeper and richer connection with your most important person?

Anything of any value is created through others. Can you connect with that idea?

From relationships to revolutionary new products, communication skills are the key to advancing your ideas. Would you like to know how to engage and influence your most important person? How about all of your customers, facebook friends, and more?

When it comes time to connect with the people that matter, you have many tools at your disposal. From twitter to, we have more ways than ever to connect. But, unfortunately, we’re not making very real connections. Electronic friends are great, but what about the connections that go beyond the world of social media? What’s your story, when the connection really has to matter?

The NEW Elevator Pitch isn’t really a “pitch” at all – it’s a method for starting important conversations. Beyond the chatter, you have to have a method for conveying your ideas. Whether you tweet it or tell it, you have to have a story that’s strong – otherwise, it’s lost in the noise. Today, the conversation often starts online – making it more important than ever to understand what your story is, before you share it with the entire World Wide Web.

Marie Street Press is proud to announce the The NEW Elevator Pitch, by Chris Westfall.

You’ve just read the opening paragraphs of the book.

With a foreword by Jeffrey Hayzlett (celebrity executive and author of The Mirror Test and Running the Gauntlet), the book focuses on how to deliver your message in the digital age.

Electronic copies are available for your favorite eReader, or get your print copy here.

Photo courtesy of Gary Wilmore, used under creative commons. Some rights reserved.

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