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So many have ranted and raved over the iPad: its functionality, or lack thereof.  Despite what may be viewed as limited utility, Apple sure has sold a lot of these babies.  Friends of mine who are further along on the bell curve than I (read: early adopters) jumped at opening bell to buy a new iPad.  Staring at my screen, sitting idly on my jealousy, I wondered: “What could an iPad do for me?”

Only one thing could satisfy my curiosity. The only possible solution has arrived: I am the proud owner of a 32GB iPad.

While the games and productivity tools are nice, interesting, etc. the real game-changer is the ability to view and display videos and photographs.  For a personal, “look at this and say ‘wow’ ” moment, there’s nothing that beats the iPad.

For my video production company, Your Online Video, my clients and prospects have really responded to seeing work on the device.  It’s much easier to port than a laptop, goes everywhere and boots instantly.  The simplicity and speed of access to visual information is unparalleled.  This speed helps improve the business process, and that is (for me) the greatest possible application. Plus, it has a built-in “look at this and say ‘wow'” factor that makes me forget about the lack of USB support (and a few other things that will detract from my main point….)

Still, before the iPad launched, many were unconvinced.  Consider this historical archive footage, pre-iPad launch commentary:


To those who rant about its limitations, I can only say that I have found a great business application.  The productivity tools and games are keeping me busy, but the practical aspects of this new (is it fair to still call it “new”?) technology form factor thing I bought device are pretty exciting.  When it comes to technology, simplicity is never really all that simple.  Apple has gotten it right, once again, and creating a viewing experience that’s unlike anything I’ve seen before.  (Of course, that’s because I haven’t received my iPhone4)  True, the iPad will change us – it already has.  But, can this magnificent device improve AT&T’s service?  For every 3G device sold, I kinda doubt it.

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