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The most effective prospecting strategies are the ones that focus on creating a dialogue with the customer; that’s why Web 2.0 is so powerful.

For me, the mark of powerful prospecting is when the customer says “Tell me more…” – that’s the “opt-in” that you want. Clever prospecting takes the form of an invitation – where you are asked to join or participate with like-minded customers.

Doesn’t matter if you have a product or service; invite your customers – don’t “sell ’em”. Show how your service has solved problems for other like-minded individuals, demonstrate your value, and create the dialogue you want.

BTW: Who likes “being sold”? But we all want to go where the action is – where the deals are – where the products are useful and practical, and the advice is proven and concrete.

reset_button2The most effective prospecting strategies start with a story that is specific enough to be engaging, but broad enough that a contact replies with interest. Three magic words to look for: “Tell me more…”. That response lets you know that the dialogue has begun, and Web 2.0 is all about the dialogue. How does your conversation get started?

A great way to engage is using referrals or recommendations, from similar customers, to attract a response. How have others benefited from your offer, and why do you think you could produce similar results, right now, for your next customer? Make your message specific and targeted, based on your current client engagements, and you will create the kind of interest (and prospecting) that leads to a sale.

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