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Do you know why your PowerPoint presentation needs a transformation? Because your first-person approach to your message is leaving your audience stranded… and disconnected.

You know how easy it is to talk in first person? That’s when you’re using “I, me, my” language. That’s a common trap for presenters, sales people and (especially) entrepreneurs.

Poke Your PowerPoint Presentation

Think about it: what you’ve gone through to get where you are is the basis – the centerpiece – of your story. If you’re an entrepreneur, your story is always front and center. Your focus IS your success!

But, here’s the latest news. When it comes to your PowerPoint presentation, you’ve got to shift your focus.

Your story and your accomplishments don’t mean much unless you can get your audience involved in your story.

Are you stuck on talking about yourself?

Maybe Your PowerPoint presentation needs a poke in the “I”

Let me give you an example PowerPoint presentation, and a little backstory that will help you to see what I mean.

As the publisher of The Millennial CEO by Daniel Newman, it would be very easy for me to give you a first-person narrative of what it took to bring this book to life. Speaking about my personal experience, my respect for Dan, and the trials and tribulations of my journey might be an interesting story. But, after I was done talking about myself, you might just be thinking:


So what?


You see, if you are delivering a PowerPoint presentation, a pitch to an important customer, or talking with your boss about your next salary increase, you have to turn the mirror around.

You have to phrase your message in terms of what you can do with, through and for others. Otherwise, you might as well read from your resume, your website, or your brochure.

Put your attention where it matters, if you want your message to matter.

Transform your PowerPoint presentation by putting your attention where it really matters: on your listener. Think about how your story can make a difference for the person right in front of you.

The Millennial CEO by Daniel Newman

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