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Everyone today is a brand, and your personal branding is vital to the way that people treat you, pay you, and follow your ideas.

Sales Success Starts with LinkedinHaving a great linkedin profile and connecting via twitter and facebook is not really the same as personal branding. Sure, these social media sites (and others, like google+) are visible representations of your personal brand.

But where does your branding get personal?

When your URL meets IRL (in real life), your personal brand moves from the interwebs to the real demonstration of what you can do with, through and for others.

It’s easy to send out broadcast messages about what you have done in the past. Your resume and your linkedin profile serve as a career graveyard, memorializing your past accomplishments from days gone by.

Effective personal branding isn’t about the past. It’s about your potential.

Demonstrating your capabilities, whether for your company or your career, is the hallmark of effective personal branding. But more than what you say about yourself, your branding depends on what others say about you. Your potential isn’t found in your past – it’s found in the vision you share with others. Vision for your team, your organization, your students or your association. Your potential – your personal brand – is based on the difference that you can make, right now.

Some of my friends still subscribe to the broadcast method of branding – as social media gives every genius and moron an equal voice. But saying you are somebody important and doing something important are two very different things.

Personal Branding: Take a Break from Social Media

The real mark of a brand, whether personal or corporate, isn’t seen in the broadcast message. It’s the execution that matters. Social media is a chronicle of the action – but, it’s not the action itself. The activity is what matters for your personal brand – and I’m not talking about your activity on Instagram.

Think about the difference you can make – and instead of broadcasting, focus on making a very real and personal difference around the things you care about. Create real and tangible solutions for the people that matter most to you– and your personal branding will take care of itself.

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