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The Olympics is a special time – a time for worldwide competition, to identify the best of the best.

As a business leader in the C-suite, you face competition every day. And the path to Gold can be found in one simple question – a question that Olympic athletes constantly ask themselves.

Making your brand stand out is more than just a marketing exercise – standing out from the crowd is about execution.

After all, nobody walks away with a Gold medal because of the logo on their uniform.

In the Olympics, we see the winners celebrated – much the same way that your revenues mark your own progress. Athletes and businesses are all “going for the gold”, so to speak.  As an executive leader, are you doing everything you can to make sure your team wins, everyday, in the marketplace? There are some important questions that you can ask yourself – and ask your employees – to speed to the path to victory for your brand.

[box type=”shadow”]Vince Poscente Olympic skier and motivational speakerI’ve really enjoyed seeing some of the blog posts of my friend and mentor, Olympic speaker Vince Poscente – you should check out his posts here. As someone who went from recreational skier to a Olympic athlete in just four years, Vince knows how to create and accelerate results. [/box]

Every elite athlete asks one important question, everyday. That question is vital to your success in business as well.


A question from the Olympics:  How will you win?


Do you know how you will win, in the marketplace?

And, here’s its corrollary: Do you know why you win?

Elite athletes train and practice, investing hours in their performance, to answer these questions. What about your business – how do you win?

  • Does your team have the tools they need to succeed?
  • Do you regularly practice and plan for success – or are you simply repeating last year’s mistakes and hoping for different results?
  • Do you have Olympic-level competitors – because people always make a difference!
  • Do you have a coach that knows how to create a championship-level performance?

In business, every day is the Olympics – if you’re playing for keeps.

Maybe it’s time to quit playing small, and step up to the level of the Olympics – a new level of competitiveness. Winning in Sochi or winning in life starts with understanding the questions that lead to victory.  Don’t just reinforce old patterns – get the coaching you need to find your way to Gold.


Photo of Putin caricature courtesy of DonkeyHotey, used under creative commons license. Some rights reserved.

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