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Turns out, true self-confidence is not a motivation myth.  But not unlike Bigfoot, true self-confidence is rarely seen.

Can You Learn Self Confidence from BigfootThe world is filled with unearned confidence.  An empty self-image is a shell of bravado, bluster, and arrogance.

True self confidence is compelling, like a magnet.  The other stuff?  Not so much.

True self confidence isn’t Bigfoot. You absolutely know it when you see it.

More importantly, you know it when you feel it.  And confidence is contagious – you know what I mean?

In my coaching work with executives around the globe, I focus on communication skills.  In other words, I help people to tell their stories.  My work emphasizes the importance of branding, on both a personal and corporate level.  One thing that I’ve learned is that the power of your story starts with the story you tell yourself.

The weird thing about self confidence is that we all possess it.

We all have it.  It’s there.  Your self-confidence is not like Bigfoot’s cave – it’s not impossible to find.  Unlike the famed Yeti, your self-confidence does exist.  Even if you don’t see it.

Think back to a time when you felt that you were at your best.  Remember that feeling of self-confidence that somehow happened naturally. How often do you reflect on that confident time?  How often do you remember that feeling, that accomplishment, that sense of “hey, I really am OK after all”?

If you want to see Bigfoot, I’m not sure where you should look.  But if you want to find your self confidence, you only have to look inside.

When you are feeling panicked about a circumstance or an individual, stop yourself for a second.  What’s the story you’re telling yourself, about what’s going to happen next?

If you believe that you’re about to do something that’s as scary as confronting Bigfoot, then you should be terrified!   Your fears are justified – Bigfoot is scary!

Self Confidence is the Antidote

Unless of course Bigfoot is a shy vegetarian who only wants to be left alone, and is actually about as aggressive as a hamster. Who can say?  If Bigfoot is real, that creature works really really hard to remain undiscovered.

Could it be that your lack of confidence is just as unreal as Bigfoot, even though you may see evidence that supports your viewpoint?  Could it be that, if you knew where to look, you could find the source of true self-confidence?

By focusing on times of confidence, you can remember the feelings that exist within you.  After all, those feelings have been there before.  They’re in there now.

And, it’s a fact that we all share the same basic psychological wiring.  We all have the capacity to feel confident, even if you don’t right now.

But, so many times, we find ourselves focusing on the negative.  Focusing on the fear.  Focusing on Bigfoot, instead of what really matters.

Think about it for a second: What’s your story?  Breaking through requires focusing on hard evidence.

Perhaps it’s just a question of knowing where to look, if you want to find your confidence.


Main image used under creative commons license, Some rights reserved by Avard Woolave.

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