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Why is everyone so harsh on Gen Y?  Do Millennials deserve a collective punch in the face?  The frustration with and for Millennials is yet another side effect of the current economy.  Here’s a possible antidote.

Until the day comes when you can text your way into a job offer, promotion, or other means of income, it’s still necessary to know how to tell your story in person.   Even if the message starts online, you’ve still got to show up, in person, if you’re going to accomplish something of any significance.  Get a job, get a raise, get a date:  those stories may start online, but face-to-face is where the story really gets interesting.

What’s Missing for Millennials?

 The ability to tell a story in a way that’s authentic, persuasive and compelling.
I like to call that story The NEW Elevator Pitch.  After all, the elevator platform has been replaced with the social platform.  Now, you’ve got to have a message that creates meaning, whether you tweet it or tell it.  But you’ve got to know how to do both.

The economic climate is harsh – too harsh – on the Millennial generation.  (That message was the subject of the elevator pitch that won the national championship – have you seen it?)

Come to think of it, the current economic climate is harsh all around.  But in the midst of difficult economic times, it’s still true that whoever tells the best story wins.

The concept that the video illustrates is the need to focus on your listener. Without that engagement, your elevator pitch, elevator speech, presentation or interview is just going to be a re-hashing of features and benefits.


Getting others engaged in your story is the key to the conversation.

Here’s what’s missing for Millennials:

Why go over a list of what makes you spectacular, when the reaction you will get is: “So what?”
Think about placing your attention on your listener, and creating meaning from your accomplishments. When that meaning is phrased in terms of what you can do with, through and for others, you’re not missing a thing.  I’m passionate about helping Millennials to tell their stories in new and compelling ways.  These stories – and YOUR story – deserves to be heard!

Doesn’t matter whether you’re a Millennial or Methuselah. Create a story that’s designed around your listener, if you want to create engagement.

Grizzled Old Man

Those Darn Millennials!

Maybe the only thing that’s missing is your ability to make your audience say, “Tell me more…”  

What’s your strategy for creating a powerful message?

Photo courtesy of TomSaint. Used under creative commons, some rights reserved.

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