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This past week, I had the opportunity to participate in a Marketing Hack Chat with Marti Konstant.  Here’s what happened…

Marketing Hack Chat uses Google+ hangouts and direct-to-YouTube integration (pretty slick).   Marti is compiling a list of 365 marketing “hacks” – delivered via short videos.  

By clicking on the “On Air” feature, Marti saves these Hangouts directly to her YouTube channel. The cost is $0 for a directly uploaded, live interview. How cool is that?

Did Google just punch Webex in the face?

And Google+ chats can include as many as 10 participants. While it took us several tries to get started (there are still a few kinks in Google+, I think) we finally got it going, and it was a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to using this platform more – special thanks to my friend Brian Vickery for introducing me to this great tool!

You can find out more about these chats on Marti’s website, where she describes it this way:

The Marketing Hackathon was designed to help people save time, energy, and money as they launch and manage marketing programs. The #marketinghack chats are a brand extension of the conference series, providing bite-size bits of information and education.

In our interview, I talk about the one change that has made the biggest difference for me and for my clients, in communicating a powerful message:

Online or in-person, there are strategies you can use to make your message more compelling. Business is a process, and so is effective communication. I work with clients to help them to understand how to build a message, not just a two-minute speech, and create the kind of dialogue that leads to new revenues, new customers and new results. The NEW Elevator Pitch isn’t a pitch at all – it’s a conversation. A conversation that makes your listener say, “Tell me more..”

So, if you want to get funding for your project, or get a job, or even just get a date, you’ve got to understand how to tell your story. More than just some outdated sales tactic or verbal kung-fu, The NEW Elevator Pitch is a method of communication for the digital age.

If you’d like to know more about how to create an elevator speech that can take you from the lobby to the boardroom (and beyond), let me know. After all, the “elevator” is simply the platform for expanding your message – whether you tweet it or tell it – to deliver the results you need. Meanwhile, be sure to follow @martikonstant on twitter, if you haven’t already connected with her.

What’s your favorite marketing hack? Will you be sharing it with Marti soon?

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