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There are four main things your investor wants to know about your business.

  1. The Investor Question: Do You Understand the Market?

    Consider the solution you provide, and the specifics of your market. Showing the size of the market is important, but do you know the competitors? Have you considered what Microsoft, Apple or other “Big Guns” might do when you introduce your software product?

  2. The Investor Question: Can You Get People to Pay for Your Product?

    The world is full of cool ideas. But nothing is cooler than revenues. Are you able to demonstrate current or future sales?

  3. The Investor Question: Can You Make It Happen?

    Can you manufacture (or provide) your solution in a cost-effective way? And, are you the best person to bring your product (or service) to life?

  4. The Investor Question: Does It Distribute?

    What channels are in place to get your products to market, and what’s the marketing strategy for your brand?

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