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What can the world’s most valuable sports teams teach us about leadership?

Real Madrid is the World's Most Valuable Sports Team

Real Madrid: Value $3.3B

Forbes Magazine has just released its list of the world’s most valuable sports teams. The list is based on the overall value of the team’s brand. You can view the entire list of The World’s Most Valuable Sports Teams on Forbes.com.

The tracking lists the most valuable franchises worldwide. Since soccer is the world’s game, European football brands are at the top of the list.

Leadership Lessons: Top Brands in the USA

The top US football franchise is America’s team, the Dallas Cowboys.

Now, whether you love or hate the Cowboys, chances are you’ve heard of the team. Check out the video to find out what’s happening behind the scenes.

Leadership Lessons: the Value of Expert Coaching

Here’s an interesting statistic, this time from major league baseball:

Major league baseball teams have 25 players. (wait for it…)

Baseball teams have as many as 31 coaches (if you consider the front office staff, scouts and general manager as part of the coaching team). That’s greater than a 1:1 ratio of players to coaches.

If your business is involved in a competitive market, don’t you deserve every opportunity to win? Maybe you should consider adding an expert coach to your roster. If you’ve got the skills but you’re not seeing the results, maybe it’s time to make a change in the process. That’s how the game is played for elite athletes. Coaching is the best way to accelerate your results.


Main image of Dallas Cowboys used under creative commons. Some rights reserved by John Pozadzides of onemansblog.com.  Image of Real Madrid vs. LA courtesy of TheDailySportsHerald, used under creative commons license.

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