Why Investors Don’t Care About the Money

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Here’s a little secret: Investors don’t care about the money.

Imagine meeting a billionaire investor, and saying, “Listen closely to my pitch because… I’m going to make you a billion dollars!”

Investors already have money. Maybe – just maybe – there’s something else that matters, first and foremost, to an investor.

How would you pitch your business, if the money didn’t matter?

Angel investors and VC firms have a lot of options, when it comes time to make money.

Your investor wants to know:

    • Why you?
    • Why this?
    • Why now?

In order to go beyond the money, you’ve got to understand the mind of the investor. While every investor and every opportunity is different, there is one common thread that all investors share.
Investors know that not all ideas are money makers.

But every investor wants to make smart investment decisions.

How does your pitch prove that you – and your team – are a smart decision?

Your projected income is simply a by-product of the intelligence behind your plan. Show how your team is a wise choice, and take the next step in gaining the investment you deserve.

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