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Innovation is elusive, right? Everyone is looking for that next next thing, the great idea that can launch a business, a career, or a partnership. When I was struggling to start my business, I knew I needed innovation.

I needed new ideas, if I was going to find new results.

That’s when a friend of mine looked me in the eye, and said something I will never forget:

“Chris, you’ve got to think big.
And act bigger.”

It was my friend, Jeffrey Hayzlett.

BOOM. It hit me.

Then it started to sink in….

There was no way I was going to change my circumstances without changing my story.

I had to innovate – to think of my situation in new ways, if it was ever going to improve. And having new ideas wasn’t enough: I had to take action. And that’s what I did.

Innovation doesn’t have to be elusive. Innovation can be deliberate, and creativity can be cultivated – it all starts with a single decision. A decision to be bold.

In Jeff’s book, he presents a no-holds-barred style that will challenge you to reconsider the status quo. Creating new outcomes starts when you can change your perspective – and change your story. ¬†That story begins with the story you tell yourself…the thoughts that are running through your mind, even as you read this post.


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The good news is: you’ve got dozens of thoughts running through your mind, every minute. Could one of those thoughts be a “million dollar idea”?

I used to think that I was incapable of having those kinds of thoughts – that big ideas were reserved for others. And I used to think that “million dollar ideas” were like unicorns – mystical things that everyone wanted, but no one had.

But then I pulled my head out of my assumptions.


hayzlett-IntelCapitalGlobalSummitThere are million-dollar – and even billion-dollar – ideas all around us. In your pocket, on your shelf, in your kitchen and in your head. I’ve worked with entrepreneurs around the globe, to bring these ideas to life.

The key is: letting those ideas come out. The ideas that start with your story. Living your authentic story is really what “Think Big, Act Bigger” is all about. This book show you one thing:

How to be bold enough to find the innovation that’s inside of you.

It takes courage. It takes guts. But, most importantly, it takes a decision.

You have to decide that you can be innovative. That innovation isn’t some mythical beast, or elusive goal.

You have ideas. Ideas that need to be shared.

Why not think big, and act bigger? Take bold action on your ideas, and watch what happens. For Jeffrey Hayzlett, and for me, the results have been nothing short of amazing.

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