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Your reputation is what others say about you. But what do you say about yourself?  Discover the hidden secrets that can improve your reputation – one story at a time.

The stories we tell others begin with the stories we tell ourselves.  Get clear on the message inside your head, if you want to influence and inspire.  Here’s how to transform your reputation, in two minutes or less.

Get Control Over Your Message – Get Control of Your Reputation

While I was getting prepared for my keynote on “Managing Your Reputation”, I wanted to put some ideas on video.  So, I threw on the busiest old black t-shirt I could find, and fired up the camera.

Sometimes I worry about being too formal and businesslike in my videos.  You know why?  Because I’m formal and businesslike.  Not sure if I can change my reputation there, but at least I changed my shirt.  But conveying who you are is about more than just clothes, tattoos, hairstyles or lifestyles.

Externals are easy; it’s the internal stuff that really makes a difference.  If you are serious about self-expression, maybe it’s time to focus on your story.  I believe that what’s going on inside of you is what really matters.

Does your reputation precede you?

If so, what are others saying? If you want to influence, inspire or persuade, your personal brand message is where it all begins. For your company, your product or your services, managing your reputation is critical to your ability to succeed.

If you’re interested to learn more about how to manage your reputation – creating the kind of story that others tell about you – check out this resource page.

The-NEW-Elevator-Pitch-by-Chris-WestfallEach month, I publish messages like this one to help with communication skills, leadership, and business strategy.  You’re invited to sign up for the newsletter, and learn more about taking control of your message.

Whether you tweet it or tell it, your story has to be strong or it’s lost.  And, come to think of it: there’s never a good time to make a bad presentation.

It’s said that a leopard can’t change its spots.  But you can change the way you influence others, in two minutes or less.

What do others say about you?

Does your story help or hinder your reputation? How can you get control over your personal brand?

Let me know what’s been successful for you, and how you keep the conversation going…in the right direction.

Interested in continuing the conversation?  Sign up here for a free 30-minute consultation…

because today is a great day to get command of your personal story.

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