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Landing on Shark Tank can be a huge boost for your business – even if the Sharks don’t invest, the impact to your company can be ENORMOUS. The exposure and publicity is worth more than money – the opportunity is measured in marketing, branding and awareness. Last month, I had another client land on Shark Tank, and I’m currently working on a video for another client – a Texas-based designer who has an incredible story to tell. So, what’s the secret to landing on Shark Tank?

Here are the most important things to remember, if you are working with the producers on the show and producing a video submission:

  • Shark Tank: Television is VISUAL – make sure you have a visually interesting story. If your product or service impacts the healthcare industry, for example, be sure to include footage of hospitals or laboratories. Show how your product/service is used! Tell your story in action, that’s the best approach. Your voiceover will enhance the imagery.
  • Shark Tank: Good Audio is Good Video – you gotta have good quality audio. Even if you shoot on an iPhone, invest in a microphone and capture the story so that it’s easy to hear and understand. With my latest client, we got 75% of the story with excellent audio…but, we’re reshooting the stuff that didn’t sound as good!
  • Shark Tank: Don’t go it alone – no one swims with Sharks all alone. Don’t go up against Mr. Wonderful and Mark Cuban without a coach that can help you succeed. I’ve helped clients land on Shark Tank, Dragon’s Den in Canada, and Shark Tank – Australia. And I’ve coached the winner of the Harvard Executive MBA Pitch Competition, The Intel Global Capital Conference, the SEC Pitch Competition, and many other events. Why fight a battle on your own? Make sure you have the resources that can help you to tell your story.

Is your business idea strong enough for the Tank? I’m not sure – but if you want to give yourself a fighting chance in front of any investor, here are some resources I recommend:

  • The NEW Elevator Pitch – still the best hold-your-handbook for creating a clear and concise story
  • The 118 Pitch Course – featuring Jeffrey Hayzlett, this online video course has nearly two hours of video instruction on how to tell your story in a way that’s powerful and compelling. Learn to pitch anything to anybody, in this course from Udemy.
  • BulletProof Branding – find out how entrepreneurial companies (as well as corporate giants) are creating a new kind of brand message. If you go in front of the Sharks, you’ve got to have more ammunition than ever before – that’s why you’ve got to have a bulletproof brand.
  • Do You Have What It Takes to Be an Entrepreneur? – a short video that can make you aware of the key market concerns that every entrepreneur faces.
  • How to Create a Great Investor Pitch – a short video discussing the psychology of the investor, so that you can connect with the people behind the funding you need.
  • Who Is Your Greatest Competition? – It’s not who you think! Check out this surprising video that shares what you need to know before you stumble over your hidden competition.

Need more? Want to take a closer look at what you need to know, to gain the investment you seek? My schedule is online – just click on the contact button in the lower right hand corner, and you can set up a free 30-minute consultation whenever the time is right for you.

Main image courtesy of Moyan Brenn on flickr. Used under creative commons, some rights reserved.

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