How to Go from Good to GREAT in Sales

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I’ll let you in on a little secret, about how to transform from good to great in the sales game. The one thing that makes a good salesperson great: It’s always the customer.

If you have the talents of a monkey, but you are sitting in front of customer who wants to buy what you are selling, you will close a sale. Additionally, you will be able to answer the phone with your feet, but that’s another story.

Westfall and Associates, How may I help You?
(phones answered by 800 pound Gorilla)

If you want to see a great salesperson in action, concentrate on what the customer is doing. Great salespeople inspire action by meeting needs. Good salespeople do a lot of demos, and keep busy saying things like, “activity breeds results!” while hoping for the best.

If you can only do one thing right, Focus on the customer. If you lose your way in the sales process, focus on the customer. The customer will bring you back on track.

If sales is about meeting needs, the needs you need to meet (great english, huh? sorry friends, it’s my 9th language 😉  ) are only found within the customer.

For more thoughts on how to identify a buying customer, follow this link:

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