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When you want to create a lasting change, consider carefully the importance of an adaptable mindset.

What’s your perspective, on the change that you propose? More importantly, what’s the mindset of the people you wish to influence? All persuasive conversations are about change, in some form or fashion. Here’s a quick video on where that lasting change really begins – and a new perspective on mindset as well:

7 Habits, One Fresh Perspective

The words of Stephen Covey provide an interesting perspective on how mindset can shift, with one single thought:

“The man sat down next to me and closed his eyes, apparently oblivious to the situation. The children were yelling back and forth, throwing things, even grabbing people’s papers. It was very disturbing. And yet, the man sitting next to me did nothing.

“It was difficult not to feel irritated. I could not believe that he could be so insensitive as to let his children run wild like that and do nothing about it, taking no responsibility at all. It was easy to see that everyone else on the subway felt irritated, too. So finally, with what I felt like was unusual patience and restraint, I turned to him and said, ‘Sir, your children are really disturbing a lot of people. I wonder if you couldn’t control them a little more?’

“The man lifted his gaze as if to come to a consciousness of the situation for the first time and said softly, ‘Oh, you’re right. I guess I should do something about it. We just came from the hospital where their mother died about an hour ago. I don’t know what do think, and I guess they don’t know who to handle it either.’

An Adaptable Focus

The way you handle your focus, and your approach, can determine your results. And those results can change with a thought. In a moment, you can find new solutions. It doesn’t require a six-step process. It doesn’t really require a ‘mindset’ at all. In fact, if you’re mind’s not set, you might just find new solutions. After all, how can you “set” your mind? Can you plug in a train of thought, and never get off that train? If so, please let me know how that’s working for you – and set your train to “happy all the time.” Locking in to a particular mindset is contrary to the way that our minds work.

Thinking – whatever it is that’s going on inside your mind – is never set. Thoughts ebb and flow, and moods come and go, based on what’s showing up from one moment to the next. Don’t spend so much time trying to set what’s always changing. Do you need to control the wind, or the tide? Of course not. You can use those things to sail into the sunset, however, if you understand how wind and tide really works. Try to control those things, and that line of thinking will keep you on the shore. For sure.

Perhaps taking your attention off of your mindset, and putting your attention on what really matters (stuff like relationships, results, and action) is the best path to lasting change.

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