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Honesty is all about being true to yourself. Honesty starts with a clear understanding of who you are. Whether an extrovert or introvert, you must inspire trust if you want others to believe in your ideas.

How do you communicate with authenticity? You must touch on the following:

  • What you do best, and what you enjoy the most – Not good, not better, but BEST is where you want to go for your most authentic conversation (or elevator pitch, for that matter). Choose what matters most, if you want to make it matter to others!
  • What’s best for your listeners – challenging the status quo means moving towards a better future – why not choose the one that goes beyond better…all the way to BEST? Your listener is interested in a world where people operate at their best, the best ideas and suggestions are shared, and the best products are compared to the competition. If your pitch covers a product, organization or service, focus on what’s best for the customer. Your listener wants to know how you can make a difference; commit to deliver that message! Distinguish yourself by demonstrating a commitment to excellence.
  • Conviction – Do you believe that you are the best fit for the position, and that your products are the best fit for the customer? Believe me, you need something to believe in. You know how I know? Because it’s human nature. We are all looking for something to believe in. Find the statements that convey your belief, and put that passion into your conversation.

Balanced Stack

  • Reputation and Referrals – it’s one thing to hear what you have to say about you, but what about what others say? Sharing perspectives of those that know you best will help to strengthen your story’s authenticity. Similarly, referring to satisfied customers, or to those you have helped, can build a rock-solid and authentic elevator pitch.

There’s never a good time to give a bad presentation. Be honest with yourself: isn’t it time you delivered a powerful message for a change?

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