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In business, your greatest competition is “don’t know”. Ignorance is the greatest competition you will ever face.

If the customer doesn’t know what your product or service can do, they’ll never buy. And, if your competition is telling your story for you, then the customer will never know how you can make a difference. (And, by the way, it’s “the” customer, not “your” customer, because of what they don’t know).  The same concept applies to the management of sales teams, where “don’t know” can mean the difference between a lost sale and a major victory. The way to defeat “don’t know” from a management perspective is to create an environment for sales practice.

Professional sports teams and performers practice much more than they actually play – but in business, it’s just the opposite. How do you get better at something, if you never practice?

The NEW Elevator Pitch by Chris WestfallIf you are really in the advanced class for weekly sales meetings, then you have the skills to explain exactly what to watch out for, and what to do in particular situations. Ask for volunteers to answer the tough questions! In a “What would you do if…” situation, you play the customer, or the client. Call somebody up to the front of the room and let them shadowbox a little on the competition, or pricing, or other key objections. Let the best come forward and show their stuff. It takes guts, but if you do this right you will teach volumes to your team!

The greatest competition happens every day – making a real connection, and communicating in a way that makes someone say, “Tell Me More”

Look, I know that sales management isn’t acting class, but if you want a great performance from your people you better show ’em how it’s done. Practice makes perfect, but you can’t expect perfection if you don’t demonstrate it first.

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What’s your best strategy for overcoming the competition?

Main photo courtesy of Perry McKenna.  Used under creative commons, some rights reserved.

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