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Everyone is interested in great presentation ideas, and those ideas all start with one word: change. When you change your story, you change your results. I’m not talking about making up a story, or creating fiction – I’m talking about the way you approach the facts. Adjust your approach, and you can become the hero of your next presentation.

Change is all around us, and people are interested in learning more about how to cope with change.

The best stories focus on change – what’s going to be different, with you in the picture? The theme of change is universal, whether you’re talking about changing business practices, or just changing your plans for Friday night.

Every presentation is persuasive in some way. The only presentation that’s not persuasive? A boring one.

Even if you are just delivering information on the inventory report, the new facility in Batavia, or the marketing budget, you are trying to persuade. Perhaps you just want to persuade your audience that you are not an idiot, or maybe you want to persuade them to never ask you to present this information again – but, nevertheless, you are in a position of influence.

You have the opportunity to be the hero in this story, by just delivering your message!

If you want to be the hero in your next presentation, focus on the change you would like to create for your audience.

The television shows we love, the movies we watch and the books we read all take us on a journey of some kind – a journey that focuses on change. While the essence of drama is conflict (also seems to be true for our current political environment) the essence of story is change.

So what is the change that you’d like to create – and what is the change that we are going to create together?

Changing your story doesn’t mean making up a lie, or writing fiction – it means re-framing the way you tell your story.

Chris Westfall on camera spokespersonIf you need help in creating your message, and delivering your story online, on camera or in person, please let me know. Presentation skills training can help you to get the funding, gain new revenues, and inspire your team. Let me know how I can help you – you can set up a half-hour Skype call (@westfallonline) right here.

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