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Great interviews rely on preparation, consideration…and expectations.

In a job interview, you want to create an opportunity for candidates to demonstrate their skills, as well as their characteristics, in a way that can aid you in a hiring decision. If you are a job seeker, your accomplishments will be seen and evaluated based on the stories you tell. Here’s a road map to the give and take within the interview, with ideas for both sides of the desk.

For the interviewer, you can’t be afraid to push and ask tough questions in areas where you are curious about past performance or capabilities. After all, a little pressure in an interview can show you how a team member will perform when the stakes are even higher.


If you are sitting in the “hot seat” in the interview, consider carefully the questions you can anticipate, and put together responses that convey your skills – in two minutes or less.


What questions can you expect, with near certainty, and what’s your elevator speech response? If you need 14 minutes to answer a question, you haven’t really thought through your answer. While you can’t anticipate every question, you should have your key themes and ideas down pat (in elevator pitch format, of course).

Uncover the Secrets of Great Interviews
The One Question You HAVE TO ASK in the Interview

If you are a job seeker that doesn’t have an answer for your greatest strength and weakness, please get some help on your personal brand.

If you’re going into an interview, what’s the one thing you want the hiring manager to know about you? Do you have the courage to ask how your answer compares to other candidates?

For hiring managers and HR pros:

What’s the best question you’ve ever used with a candidate, and why? How would you respond if a candidate asked you, “How does my answer compare to others?”

Look forward to your comments!

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