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What should you look for, in a great campus speaker?

If you are looking for a leadership speaker for an on-campus workshop, you can go beyond the traditional motivational speaker. With Chris Westfall, you can find inspiration and motivation – but something more. Chris provides instant transfer and retention of new ideas – strategies that apply to all majors, all backgrounds and all campuses – from massive state schools to elite private institutions, including specialized colleges, art schools, MBA programs, business incubators, sorority conferences, Greek Life and more. His message focuses on proving the value of your degree, and understanding what authentic persuasion, influence and leadership is all about. From freshman orientation to PhD programs, your ability to communicate effectively is the key to success – in school, in your career, and in your relationships.

Inspiration.  Leadership.  Motivation.  And YOUR personal story, delivered.

If you are seeking:

    • A great campus keynote speaker
    • A great leadership speaker
    • A great motivational speaker for all campus, MBAs, freshmen, Greeks, Panhellenic, Intrafraternity Council or even your fraternity or sorority
    • An internationally-recognized expert on communication, personal branding and career management – with a history of teaching awards from some of the top universities in the USA
    • A fun and highly-interactive presentation – where students learn by doing


Success starts with your story.

Chris Westfall Motivational Keynote Speaker for Universities

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What Others Are Saying:

Brandon Sweeney“Chris has a gift. Period.  That gift is the ability to immediately connect with people and share a compelling story with them in a way that engages and entices them to hear more.  This is the essence of [leadership] communication…a critical skill for selling your ideas to anyone, anywhere, anytime.  What makes Chris unique is his proficiency in teaching that skill to others.”

B. Sweeney, Texas A&M University


“Chris provided an informative and energetic keynote address for our All Campus Leadership. He made the booking process incredibly simple.

He was a low maintenance and high impact!”

– Mitch Isaacs, Director of Student Life, Ball State University



“Chris provides insight not simply about developing ourselves, but about the environment in which we are developing and how to interact with it.  He gives enthusiastic and high energy information, helping [student leaders] to think about the issues at hand.”

A. Nguyen, Coordinator of Study Abroad and Global Education, TCU


EmilioCano“Chris Westfall helped me to deliver the presentation that changed my life!”

– J. Emilio Cano
Shark Tank Australia winner


KatePolley“He knows exactly how to motivate, promote and inspire people to their greatest capabilities.”

K. Polley, TCU




“This guy is like a weapon, for student leaders.  Take advantage of what he has to say!”

Chris Valletta, Co-Founder Mission Athlete Care

Former NFL player and contestant on “The Apprentice”


McCalleyCunningham“He is so insightful, and helps you see the ‘big picture.’ Not only have I used his training for pitching, but for the way I communicate and interact with people. He has provided and modeled the steps in reaching long-term success, and I cannot thank him enough for that.”

M. Cunningham, Business Pitch Competition Champion – Texas A&M University


JimWorlein“Chris has that rare ability to reach people on both intellectual and emotional levels.  As a graduate student, who served in the armed forces in the Middle East, I really appreciate his perspective – because he has a message for everybody.”

J. Worlein, Graduate Student, Southern Methodist University