From Grants to Angel Investors: How to Pitch Like a Pro

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Whether you are pitching for grants and donations, or you need an angel investor, here’s a resource to help inspire confidence. If you’re looking for funding for your next project, you owe it to yourself to check out the 118 Pitch Course.

Bloomberg correspondent and best-selling author, Jeffrey Hayzlett, has introduced a new course on, designed to help you to pitch anything to anybody.  If you’re looking for support from angel investors, or seeking high-dollar donations, you’ve got to make sure you have every opportunity to succeed.

Jeffrey Hayzlett is the author of Running the Gauntlet and The Mirror Test. He’s appeared on The Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump, and he’s a former C-level executive at a Fortune 100 company. As a contributing editor on Bloomberg, he brings a unique C-Suite perspective to the conversation around corporate branding, leadership and change.

Learn more about how to access this innovative online training tool:

Connect with Angel Investors, donors – anyone you need to influence.

Pitch Like a Pro with the 118 Pitch Course, featuring Jeffrey Hayzlett – available now on

Chris Westfall and Jeffrey Hayzlett

Click on the image to learn more about The 118 Pitch Course with Jeffrey Hayzlett

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