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High-Performance Franchise Keynote Speaker Chris Westfall

A franchise keynote speaker has to understand the dual roles that franchises and associations play. On one hand you have the national – or sometimes global – brand, which is concerned with events and trends on the world stage. On the other is the local franchise, which works on a grassroots level and has to tailor itself to fit in with local tastes and requirements. Presentations for franchise owners and associations are definitely not one-size-fits-all.

Franchises are Multi-faceted

You need a customized, high-energy keynote tailored to your brand and your owners. At the same time, there’s one aspect of a franchise business that is always the same, no matter where in the world you might be located. Franchise organizations are always made up of human beings. We all want success> We all want to connect with other people. Many of us want to make a difference, to leave our communities better than we found them in some way. So, at a national (or international) level, to improve the performance of our owners, distribution and marketplace: success starts with your story.

What’s your vision for the future? How can a motivational keynote speaker for franchise owners help you expand and grow?

Chris Westfall’s newest book, Leadership Language, teaches people how to create unprecedented results, transforming lives, careers, and associations, simply by changing the conversation.

What does that mean?

Success starts with an understanding of where leadership comes from – inside of you. Chris can teach you to bring your story to life through authentic, effective communication. 

Every connection starts with a conversation. Once your franchise leaders know how to implement what Chris calls “leadership conversations,” the exceptional connections they forge with your clients lead to extraordinary results. Isn’t that what you really want from a franchise keynote speaker? It’s easy enough to entertain people – but does entertainment lead to new revenues? You deserve something more – and so do your franchisees. Chris leads franchise owners to new outcomes with high impact and actionable ideas. Each keynote is designed to be an unforgettable experience for everyone at your event.

All of Chris’ presentations are designed to help his clients achieve their goals. It doesn’t matter if those clients are individual franchisees, owners or franchise organizations, everyone benefits from Chris’ insight into leadership communication. Complacency is the enemy of excellence. Book Chris as your next franchise keynote speaker and experience the results for yourself.  




Transformational Leadership Coaching:

Bring Out Your Best With Business Transformation Coaching

Why Hire Chris


Chris can teach your team how to change their communication to achieve groundbreaking results.  Isn’t it time to change the conversation…and change your results? Challenge the status quo, and inspire your organization.


Each keynote is individually tailored to your company and your needs. As an expert franchise keynote speaker, Chris Westfall creates a customized experience for your organization, your owners and your attendees.  


Fortune favors the bold: Chris’ presentations are interactively designed to spark new ideas, effectively changing your team’s dynamic and performance. What’s the transformation you seek? The journey starts with your story. Ready to begin?


Good things come to those who wait, but great things come to those who take action. Beyond theory, to application: you’ll get actionable ideas you can implement right now that will point you towards new results. 


Chris always “keeps it real.” His riveting stage presence captures the audience’s attention while his ideas expand their minds. Learn how to use effective communication to create real connections with your team, your customers, your investors – the people who matter most.


Chris uses humor as a teaching tool, driving his points home with a wit and flair that makes them linger in the mind long after the coaching session or presentation is over. Does your organization want to laugh, and learn, with a new kind of experience for your team?


For yourself, your team and your customers: leadership starts with your story. New insights into leadership, engagement and service are here. Put the power back into your PowerPoint, and find what’s missing.


Discover the source of insight, innovation, and impact within yourself. It’s time to look beyond mindset to find what’s missing. Because leadership is never more than one thought away. When you find a new perspective, you find new ways to innovate – and that innovation is inside of you.


Get rid of assumptions that create mental and emotional blocks to fulfilling your potential. See things from a new point of view that focuses your mind and makes the impossible possible.


Stand out. Create value. Do more. It’s time to change the “So what?” into a “Tell me more!” Your story deserves to be heard. Are you ready to start that conversation?