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What’s the difference between a teacher, and a coach?

Teaching and training has its place, for learning new skills. But information is everywhere.
Believe me, I just googled it. Maybe more information isn’t what we need.

Maybe insight is what really matters.

Leaders think about challenges in new ways. Coaching helps you to see new ways of looking at the same old problems. Coaching is about insight.

For those in the C-Suite, or for executive vice presidents, directors, or other leaders, it’s important to learn how to put your skills into action. Behind every great athlete, there’s been a great coach. But that coach doesn’t teach you how to play the game. The coach helps you to play your best game, and discover the possibilities of performance within yourself.

Leadership Coach Chris WestfallOne of the great executive leadership coaches is John Mattone. In a recent interview, I shared my philosophy on the importance of leadership coaching, particularly as it relates to conveying your personal story.

For leaders today, you’ve got to have a way to quickly turn your ideas into action. That’s why it’s vital to understand what I call The NEW Elevator Pitch – it’s not your grandpa’s elevator speech. It’s not even a pitch. It’s something more important, and more compelling, than what you might think.

You can read the article here.

For Executives, Vice Presidents or CEOs: Here are five key reasons to invest in Executive Coaching.

    1. Information is everywhere: leadership means knowing what to do with the information you’ve been given. Coaching focuses on insights and impact, not necessarily “learning more information”.
    2. Fortune Favors the Bold: What’s your bold new idea? Part of being human is wanting to bring things to life – for yourself, your career, your family. Creating new initiatives requires a new perspective – and that’s exactly what an executive coach can provide.
    3. Doing What Others Won’t, or Can’t: no one goes into battle alone. Not if they are smart. Who’s in your corner, when it’s time to take on the big issues? A coach is focused on the same things you are: it’s your goals that matter, not some curriculum or “textbook approach”
    4. Your Challenges = Your Solution: Coaching is customized. The story starts where you are, and an effective coach is able to assess and guide you towards the possibilities you see for yourself.
    5. Where the Real Answers Lie: It’s a mistake to constantly search for the next best-selling idea for your business. True leaders know where to look for real answers: inside. Your intuition and inner wisdom is what makes all the books and the learning and the training come to life. Being able to tap into your true knowing in a challenging situation is what leadership is all about. Understanding how to access that powerful source is what a coach can help you to achieve.

If you’re interested in learning more about how an executive coach can help you to identify the leaders within your organization – or maybe if you’d just like to explore your own vision of what leadership really means – let’s set up a time to talk.

Sometimes a fresh perspective is the first step towards overcoming that impossible problem. You don’t have to go it alone. A business coach provides support and understanding, as well as guidance and direction, towards your leadership goals.

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